Optically Plugin

Optically 2

A plugin for automated and mathematically precise optical adjustments in Sketch.

Optically makes it easy to align layers to visual centers, align edges with overshooting and scale layers to the same size.

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1.0.1 for Bohemian Coding Sketch 3.7-52+

Iconboard Plugin


Iconboard is a plugin for creating optimized icons with multiple sizes from artboards in Sketch.

The supported icon formats include ICNS (Apple Icon Image) for Mac apps and ICO (Windows Icon) for Windows applications and website favicons.

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1.1.1 for Bohemian Coding Sketch 3.7-52+

Optimage Sketch Plugin

Optimage for Sketch

Automatically compress image assets exported from Sketch in Optimage.

Optimage is an advanced image optimization tool to compress images up to 10x without loss of visual quality.

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1.0.0 for Bohemian Coding Sketch 3.8-52+

Sketch Clean History Plugin

Clean History

This plugin helps you to keep your document revision history clean.

It fixes Auto Save in Sketch, so you will never loose your work nor free space, and at the same time you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of Versions on your Mac.

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1.0.0 for Bohemian Coding Sketch 3.8-52+

Smart Slices Panel

Smart Slices

Slice designs in place and export pixel-perfect image assets at multiple resolutions in any supported format including SVG.

Features native look and feel, bulk slicing, smart scaling, explicit slice padding, batch export, 9-patch sprites and much more.

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1.4.1 for Adobe® Photoshop® CC, CC 2014 – CC 2018

More coming soon…